Sunday, 8 May 2011

Evaluation 3

Our film would always be a hard sell to any potential distributers in the fact that it's a sort of Oxymoron. Romantic Comedies is a genre usually associated with big budgeted productions in Hollywood as opposed to small regionalised independent films. As many of the universal themes that run through our film are shared by the countless cheesy rom-coms made purely to make money over on the other side of the ocean, convincing distributers who seek to support films of artistic value such as The UK Film Council would be as hard as persuading big studios in Hollywood such as Warner Brothers or Miramax to pick up a film that was made on a shoe string budget and isn't exactly another Blair Witch Project.

As our film had theoretically been regionally financed by 'Screen South' it meant a large theatrical release would be an unlikely scenario due to the low profile our film would command and therefore are media product might be distributed by an institution that operated with more than one facility.

The works media group is distributer as well as a production company and is responsible for the distribution of Oscar winning documentary Man On Wire, Bend it like Beckham and Shane meadows film Somers town. With fairly restrained budgets, none of these films were intended to reach a large audience but through this distribution company people were able to see these niche independent films.

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