Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Opening Scene Final

Preliminary task: Finished film


After we Storyboarding for our film opening, George created the animatics which allowed us to note how long we want each shot to last and therefore get the most truthful representation of the structure of our film .

Question 7

With our preliminary task offering a kind of introduction to the equipment and process you must go through to create a product I feel that i've been able to extend my knowledge gained from this first instance to improve and refine to a certain extent some of the key filmmaking skills.

Planning and research

Although i've never been short of new ideas in the past, with my knowledge of the media greatly improving over the last year, i've been able to link these new ideas to examples of similar work with more ease and my ability to acknowledge and identify influences of our own work or films within a specific genre have been enhanced.


Having used a wide variety of different shots during our continuity task I felt that the possibilities of how you can shoot a scene were opened up to me. During the storyboarding for our film opening I found that I had gained more of a filmmakers eye and was able to think in terms of the overall sequence of scene, shot by shot rather than focus on coming up with spectacular, one off shots. This doesn't mean any creativity was out the window, as I often wanted to push us as a group into being quite ambitious in our shot choices. (My idea for a tilt tracking shot moving from low down behind the computer in my bedroom for the bedroom scene proved very challenging to get a smooth take without any wobble. Consequently the shot wasn't used in the final edit). What I found myself pushing to achieve most was efficiency in the execution of a shoot. One of the main problems I’ve faced throughout the year whether with the preliminary exercise or the film opening is the difficulty of having to come back to a location having shot half the footage needed and then add onto this while trying to keep the continuity. This is near impossible if the gap between filming sessions is left too long. Other than time restraints I now feel comfortable using any school camera equipment on a basic level. The next step is to develop my operational skills of a variety of film production hardware so that I’m able to personalize and gain more control over the look of footage captured. Such as we've done with the Panasonic in learning how to effectively use manual focus.

image_editing.jpgEditing was the skill I was least sure about after our preliminary exercise because i had not done as much of the post production editing as I’d have liked to. However after doing a large amount of editing for our film opening I’m much more comfortable with the editing software Adobe Premiere Pro and although I’m clueless still to some of its advanced facilities, I'd now be able to take production footage and create a finished media product that was edited sufficiently and with some detailed work within the edit.
Going into the future I hope to further develop any filmmaking skills mentioned and to keep learning from my mistakes. Also, as our film opening showed, to continue to exploit new technologies within our media products.

Question 7

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Evaluation question 6

Voice Over

For the recording of our voice over we employed the help of principal music student Ed Watson as we knew that sound can be a tricky thing to get right and a bad recording could easily lower the quality of our product and make it look amateurish. A high quality condenser microphone was used to avoid background sound being picked up and using a device called an Emu my speech directly onto a computer through the music editing software Cubase. He then added a small amount of reverb and ran it through a virtual compressor with smoothed out my voice and background sounds by reducing the transmission bandwidth of the audio, removing the higher and lower frequencies. It is this kind of affects that along with plush, insulated studio gives radio presenters such as Terry Wogan such silky toned voices.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Evaluation 3

Our film would always be a hard sell to any potential distributers in the fact that it's a sort of Oxymoron. Romantic Comedies is a genre usually associated with big budgeted productions in Hollywood as opposed to small regionalised independent films. As many of the universal themes that run through our film are shared by the countless cheesy rom-coms made purely to make money over on the other side of the ocean, convincing distributers who seek to support films of artistic value such as The UK Film Council would be as hard as persuading big studios in Hollywood such as Warner Brothers or Miramax to pick up a film that was made on a shoe string budget and isn't exactly another Blair Witch Project.

As our film had theoretically been regionally financed by 'Screen South' it meant a large theatrical release would be an unlikely scenario due to the low profile our film would command and therefore are media product might be distributed by an institution that operated with more than one facility.

The works media group is distributer as well as a production company and is responsible for the distribution of Oscar winning documentary Man On Wire, Bend it like Beckham and Shane meadows film Somers town. With fairly restrained budgets, none of these films were intended to reach a large audience but through this distribution company people were able to see these niche independent films.

The Works banner

Evaluation 2

Evaluation question 5

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Evaluation question 1 (Part 2)

Untitled from daniel finn on Vimeo.

Evaluation 1 (Part 1)

They say there’s no such thing as a truly original idea and having gone through the process of creating a media product I’m able to understand what they mean. Every idea for our film opening was influenced or inspired by conventions established in previous media products. Are influences, found during the pre-production planning and research stage varied across genres and forms from Music videos, films and tv shows.

Untitled from daniel finn on Vimeo.