Wednesday, 6 October 2010

48 hours of media consumption

As a first task to introduce us to what constitutes media and better are understanding as media consumers we were asked to record a diary covering 2 days that gave listings of every piece of media we used and consumed.
7:45AM:   Woke up and checked phone for time and any new texts.
8:15 :  Flicked through fourfourtwo (specialist) magazine while eating breakfast.
8:30 : Listened to music on ipod while walking to school.
9:00 : Checked school emails during tutor time on school computer.
10:15 : Logged onto an online learning resource website for science using a computer.
12:20Pm: Learnt lines from a play script.
3:30 : Sent text on mobile phone.
4:35 : Listened to music on ipod while walking home.
5:30 : Logged onto Facebook on home computer and listened to podcast on itunes.
8:20 : Watched episode of Mad Men, online.
9:45 : read a few chapters of the novel 'A Handmaid's tale'.
7:50Am : checked for time on mobile phone.
8:15 : looked at local newspaper while eating breakfast.
8:30 : listened to music on ipod.
8:40 : glanced at advertising billboard on the side of a bus.
10:45 : completed pieces of work through online learning resource website.
11:40 : Shown PowerPoint in lesson.
12:20Pm : given pieces of drama text to work with during drama class.
2:05 read through printed out newspaper articles in English class.
3:30 : Listened to music on ipod on way home.
4: 00 : watched 10 minutes of Bargain hunt on the tv.
4:30 : logged onto Facebook and checked emails on home computer and listened to music through music sharing site 'spotify'.
6:30 : Sent and recieved several texts.
9:30 : Listened to music through ipod dock speakers while socialising.
10:45 : Listened to music through mobile phone.
12:30Am : started watching beginning of the film '4 Brothers'.

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